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When it comes to meeting the customer’s expectations for quality, other factors that are at least as crucial as the assembly stages alone are the development of the device software used, the quality assurance provided for the individual components, and the technical services or the customer hotline – in keeping with our “Made in Taiwan” standard, these are all elements we take care of in-house.

We stand by our commitment to maintaining and fulfillin 10 years by offering “Made in Taiwan” quality. With quality that is evident down to the finest detail and perfectly thought-out innovations, BDA develops high-quality products which are made for the future.

You can rely on BDA

By combining experience and innovation, we offer our customers sophisticated products, because at BDA we concentrate on what’s important, whether it’s hardware, software or service. You won’t find any superfluous technical gadgets on a BDA product. We use modern technology in such a way that you can actually feel the benefits.

BDA products meet the demands of tomorrow, today. And in this, protecting the environment also plays a central role. As early as the product development phase, we look for energy-efficient and environmentally-compatible solutions which make use of recycled materials.

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