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The Haizel Life PVC-002 tool bag keeps the smaller stuff you want with you on the road out of the way. Classy bikes need classy tool bag. Keep your box wrenches and Allen keys at your side in a handsome water-resistant coated canvas bag. The size makes it ideal for small items like tools, gloves,..

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A M-1062 leg bag to suit modern sport bikes and riders. This leg bag from Haizel Life is an out of the way place to carry your most important possessions. The M-1062 bag holds your most essential items. Toss in your wallet, phone, lip balm and not much else. Easy to attach and comfortable to..


The M-1061 leg bag is an ingenious solution for easy access to keys, ID, credit cards, a cell phone and other small essentials on and off the bike. Slim and unobtrusive, with optimized capacity and access through a convenient top zipper closure. The two easy access compartments of the M-1061 are perfect for stashing traveling..