Vision and philosophy

A success story

We are from Taiwan, founded in 2011, manufacture products for cars and motorcycles. We started from OEM for other brands and always do our best to provide best quality and service.

As an ideal and trial for ourselves, we create our own brand “Go-works” in 2013, to challenge our capacity in design and sales. We like to prove that although we’re a young company but we not only have passion but also have high quality and skilled.

Manufacturing is our passion

The intrinsic value, sustainability and reliability of our products is supported by a global optimised service from qualified technicians. Each year, we invest large amounts in the training of our specialist dealers, distribution and service partners on site. The highest quality in the field of aftersales care is an important component of the continuous, trouble-free use of our system solutions in practices and clinics.

There is no lack of international competition. More than 100 companies around the world with similar product ranges want to sell their products in the motorcycle market of this world. But our global success is daily evidence of the fact that our durable, high quality products with innovative operation are successful at prices in line with market rate. We do not make any compromises and we guarantee the best quality “made in Taiwan”.

Made in Taiwan

The name Go-works stands for a balanced corporate philosophy that combines a global outlook with pride in its Taiwan roots. We bring together the advantages of international solutions and the “Made in Taiwan” mark of quality. With this combination, we develop products and components that are used by leading companies. The Go-works brand delivers exactly what it promises: maximum efficiency, Taiwan quality and a touch ingenuity.

Your requirements and criticism are the force that drives us forward.
We’ll keep improving ourselves to meet your request and satisfied who love our brand Go-works.

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We are dedicated to your satisfaction. We want your business and we will earn it! We are enthusiasts!

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