It has excellent power output, combat riding posture, and good frame stability among cars in the same class. The rear shock system is barely usable. Due to the original factory’s space constraints, it is really not easy to build a rear shock system. Multi-link design also requires sufficient experience. We try our best to create..


The competitive version is currently the highest specification rear shock product. The positive titanium alloy cylinders have improved the texture, hand-polished, and burned each one. Not only is it time-consuming and unable to be mass-produced, each bottle has a unique hair color. The 16-core is the largest in the industry, with a heavy-duty grade axis...


3in1 Oil Filter


◆ Super strong magnetic Using ultra powerful magnets, oil sludge and iron chips produced by the engine can be effectively absorbed when working, so as to achieving engine protection. ◆ Ultra-high flow stainless steel filter High-performance stainless steel filters increase oil flow, increase oil absorption flow rate, increase oil pressure to speed penetration, save fuel,..




EPDM’s special soft material, and high-tech integrated molding technology allows the outer frame to be completely attached to the air box. The special stainless steel metal mesh is 200 mesh x 200 mesh, which effectively filters the dust in the air and protects the engine life. After folding, it has a wavy shape and strong..




The Simota Air Filters are designed to achieve a virtually unrestricted air flow while maintaining filtration levels critical to engine life and performance. Our Air Filters are manufactured using a proprietary molding process that yields a truly seamless part. In order to offer strict quality control we had been certified and also were issued an..