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The Go-works Brake Pads are a great option for your motorcycle. It features a carbon ceramic hybrid compound made to perform under the most extreme racing conditions. The heat resistant backing plate dissipates heat that would otherwise be transferred to the calipers diminishing braking performance.

They are also a good choice for sportbike riders looking for more progressive brake feel without sacrificing too much pad life. They are perfect for aggressive street riding, track days or amateur racing. Very strong initial bite in wet or dry conditions.

No rotor stiction or etching. Excellent heat cycling characteristics resulting in less brake fade even at race pace. Tested and proven with the top  offers you a true race grade brake pad.



• Design and industry safety standards.

• Easy to install without modify.

• Made with sintered metal pad material.

• Perform under extreme racing conditions.

• Carbon ceramic hybrid compound delivers excellent feel and modulation and dissipates heat.

• Excellent initial bite and feel in both wet and dry conditions.

• High-torque stopping power.

• 15000 service miles.

• Zero noise.

• No brake dust or fade.

• Sold as a pair.

• 100% designed and manufactured in the Taiwan.


Image for reference only. Actual Go-works Brake Pad will vary depending on your motorcycle make and model.

Product number correspondence table

Product number correspondence table

Product/產品Car Type/車型
RS-DMS01 (前煞車/ Front brake)RS/RSZ-JOG/HOT/VINO/大兜風/勁風/BWS 2T
RS-DMS02 (前煞車/ Front brake)CUXI-100/ZUMA50/COIN125
RS-DMS03 (前煞車/ Front brake)CUXI-115
RS-DMS04 (前煞車/ Front brake)RS-ZERO/GOGORO2
RS-DMS05 (前煞車/ Front brake)勁風光
RS-DMS06 (前煞車/ Front brake)一代勁戰/GTR
RS-DMS07 (前煞車/ Front brake)BWS'X/勁戰II/GTR AERO/新勁戰
RS-DMS08 (前煞車/ Front brake)勁戰3.4.5代/馬車125/NIKITA200,300/SMAX/FORCE/BWSR/ X-CITING250,400,500/X-CITING DINK 300/Racing S125,150/MT-01/AN650/MY ROAD700
RS-DMS09 (後煞車/ Rear brake)SMAX/FORCE/勁戰3.4.5代/BWSR/MANY125/VJR/CB400/GSX600/XT600
RS-DMS10 (前煞車/ Front brake)FZ6 600/FZ6R/馬車250,400/T-MAX500(04-07)XV650/FZ6N
RS-DMS11 (後煞車/ Rear brake)YZF1000R1 (02-03)/R6(99-02)/馬車250/XMAX250
RS-DMS12 (前煞車/ Front brake)T-MAX530(08-11)/FZ-6/YZF-R1(98-03)/XJR1300/FJR1300/V-MAX/MT-07/MT-09
RS-DMS13 (前煞車/ Front brake)野狼傳奇/狼R/王牌
RS-DMS14 (前煞車/ Front brake)DIO/MIO-100/RX-100/高手100/恰恰/RX110
RS-DMS15 (前煞車/ Front brake)風梭/巡戈/GT/GR/阿拉帝/悍將/戰將/FIGHTER/GSR/星艦/J-BUBU/彪虎/BON/X-HOT/ES150/IRX/Z1/NEX/JETS/OZ/ES
RS-DMS16 (前煞車/ Front brake | 後煞車/ Rear brake)RV-150/VP/GT/GR/G5/大眼悍將/GP (前煞車/Front brake)
RV-180(單缸)/MY125,150/ELITE180,250/ES (後煞車/Rear brake)
RS-DMS17 (前煞車/ Front brake)三冠王/奔騰/G3/G4/V-LINK/JR-100/CANDY MANY/KDU/得意/AN250 AN400(右)/雷霆王(左)/MY125,150/ELITE250/JR/VJR
RS-DMS18 (前煞車/ Front brake | 後煞車/ Rear brake)頂客/KTR/A博士/NSR/豪爽/勁150/KTR/G5-150/酷龍/AN250/AN400(左)/雷霆王(右) (前煞車/Front brake)
RV-180/G-MAXC/酷龍/頂客/NSR/雲豹 (後煞車/Rear brake)
RS-DMS19 (後煞車/ Rear brake)雷霆車系/NIKITA200 /300/K-XCT/RACING KING/RACING S/G5/超5/G6
RS-DMS20 (前煞車/ Front brake | 後煞車/ Rear brake)T1 (前煞車/Front brake)
RV-150/RV-180/RV-250/X-CITING300i/X-CITING 250/G-DINK300/GTS300 (後煞車/Rear brake)
RS-DMS21 (輻射對四/ Radial-Mount Brake Calipers)BREMBO (輻射對四)
RS-DMS22 (對四/ Piston Caliper)BREMBO對四(40mm單叉銷基本款)/FRANDO對四/G-MAX
RS-DMS23 (後煞車/ Rear brake)VESPA GTS250/GT200/GTV300/GTS300/GT125L/GY200L/GTS125/PGO JBUBU/ALPHA MAX
RS-DMS24 (前煞車/ Front brake)ADDRESS V125
RS-DMS25 (後煞車/ Rear brake)T-MAX500 04-11年/T-MAX530 R12-16年
RS-DMS26 (前煞車/ Front brake)T2/T3/SB300/NEW FIGHETER 6代/MAXSYM400
RS-DMS27 (後煞車/ Rear brake)NEW FIGHTER 6代/JETS
RS-DMS28 (前煞車/ Front brake | 後煞車/ Rear brake)BREMBO對2(34mm大螃蟹)/HOT/GOGORO1 (前煞車/Front brake)
BREMBO對2(34mm大螃蟹)/TIGRA彪虎/G-MAX (後煞車/Rear brake)
RS-DMS29 (前煞車/ Front brake)GTS300I/RV250/頂客250
RS-DMS30 (後煞車/ Rear brake)MT-07/MT-09/CB400/CB1300(05-12)/CB600/Z1000(07-09)/SV650(03-10)
RS-DMS31 (前煞車/ Front brake)X-CITING400/APRILIA RS125/SHIVER750/MANA850
RS-DMS32 (前煞車/ Front brake)AN250(98-02)/AN400(99-06)/YAMAHAFJR1300(06-08)/KAWASAKZ1000(07-09)/GTR1400(08-12)/ZZR1400(06-11)/ZX6R600/DAYTONA675
RS-DMS33 (前煞車/ Front brake | 後煞車/ Rear brake)HONDA FTR223 (前煞車/Front brake)
AN250(98-02)/AN400(99-06)/AN650 (後煞車/Rear brake)
RS-DMS35 (特殊款式/ Special style)BREMBO 1098/M50/GP4RX/484輻射卡
RS-DMS36 (前煞車/ Front brake | 後煞車/ Rear brake)BREMBO 杜漢
RS-DMS37 (前煞車/ Front brake)R3/MT03/X-MAX/R15/MT-15/MSLAZ/ XABRE/R15 V3
RS-DMS38 (後煞車/ Rear brake)R3/MT03/X-MAX
RS-DMS39 (特殊款式)NISSIN雙插銷對四/CBR900RR 929R 945RR /CB400/CB1100/CB1300
RS-DMS41 (後煞車/ Rear brake)T2/T3/SB300
RS-DMS42 (前煞車/ Front brake)勁豪
RS-DMS43 (特殊款式)BREMBO (一體雙插銷)
大對四 (後煞車)
RS-DMS44 (前煞車/ Front brake)AK550/BREMBO Monobloc M4.32/ APRILIA TUONO V4 (13~on)/BMW R1200 RT (14~on)/DUCATI HYPERSTRADA 821/ MONSTER 821/Multistrada 950/MONSTER 1200
RS-DMS45 (對二小螃蟹/ Pair of small crab calipers)BREMBO32mm
RS-DMS46 (前煞車/ Front brake)RV150 180/RS21
RS-DMS47 (後煞車/ Rear brake)AK550
RS-DMS48 (後煞車/ Rear brake)MY-125/M150/ES150/GOGORO1.2
RS-DMS49 (前煞車/ Front brake)VESPA 衝刺/300/GTV300/GT
RS-DMS50 (前煞車/ Front brake)GOGORO-S/小幅射對四雙插銷
RS-DMS51 (前煞車/ Front brake)GSXS150/GSXR150
RS-DMS52 (後煞車/ Rear brake)GSXS150/GSXR150/CB125R/CBR125R/MSX125/CBF250/CB300/CB150R
RS-DMS53 (前煞車/ Front brake)MSX125
RS-DMS54 (後煞車/ Rear brake)BMW R9T
RS-DMS55 (後煞車/ Rear brake)MT-15/R15/M-SLAZ /XABRE/CBR150 16年前

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