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Badpanda brings together engineers, mechanics and pro motorcyclists utilizing the racing arena as a laboratory for developing world-class bikes at the leading edge of technology. Each bike that Badpanda creates goes through years of conceptual work, prototype building and testing before ever reaching a consumer.

Parts manufacture by us are made from best quality raw material which ensure best product. For our export division of aftermarket parts we simply believe in: superior quality, compatible rates, prompt service. Excellence comes not from mere words or procedures. It comes from an urge to strive and deliver the best.

The high precision experts

The constant attention is dedicated to each single production stage of the motorcycle components and accessories. Each motorcycle component is manufactured using carefully selected premium quality raw materials such as titanium alloy and aluminium alloy. The development of each component is the result of continuous and accurate market analysis. Preliminary studies are carried out for the accurate selection of the technological materials to be used in the prototyping process and creation of our motorcycle components.

After manufacturing, each single component and accessory is tested in-house using highly specialized machinery as well as through road tests with the collaboration of several international technical experts. The important know-how of the company is the result of the professional experience and expertise of each of Badpanda’s collaborators. A work team made up of professionals and passionate athletes turning sporting needs into products that respond to the highest performance requirements.

Before reaching mass-scale production, however, the whole range of components is subjected to several stages of research so as to ensure each product express the excellent quality that has made the brand Badpanda a leader in the sector.

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