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What are the payment methods?

ATM transfer / bank transfer:After confirming the order content and completing the ordering process, you can choose to transfer the transaction amount to the designated bank account transfer by ATM transfer or bank transfer. Please call us and provide the remittance slip for verification. Confirmation. ATM machine transfer please provide: remittance amount and remittance account number 5 bank remittance please fax:remittance. fax number:037-688-251 We will confirm your payment and prepare for shipment within 1 job.

Please note:If you use the “ATM Transfer / Bank Transfer” order, please complete the remittance process within 3 days of the order. If the payment is overdue, the order will be cancelled.

Credit card service:use the Green World credit card system, all VISA, MASTER and JCB credit cards can be used by banks.

Cash on delivery:You can choose to send the goods to the government and pay in cash; but you need to pay the additional fee for the logistics collection. However, if the single purchase amount is over 3,000 yuan, you do not need to pay this generation fee.

What if my product is not suitable?

There is currently no service to change the order content directly on the Internet or to redeem the difference to redeem other products.

If you do have this need, please fill in the instructions in the customer service mailbox within 7 days of the arrival of the goods, we will arrange the logistics company to contact you and pick up the goods within 5 working days. Please return the returned goods in the original packaging carton, provide the logistics personnel to pick up the pieces at the appointed time, and keep the shipping documents.

How can I handle the return?

Within seven days after the arrival of the goods, if you want to replace the goods, please return the goods to the company. After the goods are confirmed, we will deliver the goods you want to replace to you as soon as possible.

If the unit price of the goods after the exchange is higher than the original goods, please make up the difference.

According to the Consumer Protection Law, consumers are entitled to the seven-day appreciation period of the goods arrival, and if they exceed the seven-day appreciation period, they will not be replaced.

Please return the merchandise in a new state and complete packaging (return merchandise, accessories, packaging, manufacturer’s carton and the integrity of all accompanying documents or materials), and indicate the replacement, detailed description and signature by document, otherwise it will not accept Return and exchange.

If the received product is defective, damaged or faulty, please fill in the instructions on the customer service mailbox page within seven days of receiving the goods, or call the customer service staff directly.

For customers who return or exchange goods, please send E-MAIL or call notification, and inform the name, contact number, order number, return reason, E-mail address, we will send people to retrieve the goods as soon as possible, thank you!

What is the distribution area?

Domestic (Taiwan Island and Outlying Islands)

International (countries outside Taiwan)
Asian region
Europe, Australia, New Zealand
North America (USA, Canada, Mexico)
other areas
Africa, South America, and countries not mentioned above are classified as “other regions.”

**Important Message**: Please note that some countries impose additional tariff fees, which are the responsibility of the customer as a result of the country. We cannot predict these additional tariff charges and cannot return this amount to you. Please contact the local customs before placing an order to understand and confirm the tariff charges that may be incurred when your order is imported. In addition, please note that if your order is detained upon customs, it may be delayed to the original expected delivery date, please forgive me, thank you. If you have any questions, please feel free to write to us at Customer Service.

How is the shipping cost calculated?

The total amount of the order is more than NT$3,000 (inclusive); free shipping. If you are under NT$3,000, you will be charged NT$130.

If the home location is Taiwan Offshore (Penghu / Kinmen / Matsu), the total order amount is more than NT$3,000 (inclusive), free shipping charges; less than NT$3,000, the burden of shipping is calculated according to the size of the product.

Can I specify the delivery date and time?

The general working time will be stocked and completed in 2~3 days (excluding the holiday). If you need to specify the arrival date, please leave a message at the time of ordering, we will try our best to cooperate, but the actual shipping date will be regarded as Depending on the availability of the stock, if there is a situation that cannot be delivered on the specified date, we will communicate with you for another date. The exact time of arrival is based on the actual delivery time of the logistics company, so please do not specify, please forgive me.

What should I do if the product is not received?

If you have seen the shipping date in the Order Inquiry, the item will arrive at the address you specified within approximately two to three working days. If it has not been received for more than four working days (excluding Sunday), it may be that there is a problem during the delivery process. If the designated location is not signed or the telephone contact is not available, please contact us at the customer service mailbox, and confirm your receipt. The address, phone number and time, the customer service staff will reply you as soon as possible within one to two working days (excluding Saturdays and Sundays).

How to cancel an order?

If you want to cancel the order, please log in to the member and click “Order Inquiry” to confirm the order you want to cancel. The status is – when the order is established, the operation can be cancelled. After the order is cancelled, it cannot be restored.
※ If the order status is shipped or processed, please contact customer service directly to assist you with subsequent processing.
※ Remind you that if you cancel the order and re-order, the product inventory and applicable offers are based on the current page!
※ In case of shortage of goods, the company reserves the right to ship the goods.

Do join the membership first?

As long as you are a member of this shopping site, you can order products directly from the shopping center after you log in. If you are not a member, you are welcome to join the members of this shopping site before you can purchase products.

How can I check my order information?

Please go to the “Order Inquiry” at the top of the page to check the status of the ordered items.

Can the goods ordered today be delivered tomorrow?

After confirming that the trading conditions are correct and in stock, we will deliver your goods to the government as soon as possible. It takes about 3 working days for the order work time, so at least 3-4 working days after the payment is successful, the goods can be delivered to your designated location. You can check the shipment status of the ordered products by going to the “Details of Orders” in the “Order Inquiry” at the top of the page.

Can the goods be sent to the outer island or overseas?

Basically we can ship to most countries. If you are having trouble placing your order, please e-mail us and we will try our best to assist you with the order.

Is there a way to order by fax, transfer or phone?

Currently, we offer online ordering, fax ordering, or telephone ordering. If you have any problems when placing your order, please e-mail us or call us directly, we will try our best to assist you.

Is the price of the store and the official website the same?

All the prices of the goods are the official unified price.

I don’t want to register as a member. Can I have other ordering methods?

You can call our contact line 037-688033, customer service time: Monday to Friday (national holidays and holidays do not go to work) 09:00-18:00 (noon break: 12:00-13:00) or from Bad Panda Co., Ltd. fan page private message, tell you what you want to buy, we will serve you.

How can I cancel my order? If the order quantity is wrong, how can I change it?

If the order status is in the unprocessed state, you can cancel the order by clicking the “I want to cancel” confirmation on the “Order Inquiry” page. If the order status has been processed, please contact customer service staff and we will cancel the order for you.

If you want to change the quantity of the order, please click “I want to cancel” on the order inquiry page and then re-purchase.

How is the maintenance fee charged?

In principle, there is no charge for the repair service during the warranty period. If there is any additional charge, you will be contacted in advance.
After the product has passed the warranty period, it will first be priced according to the repair parts and will be repaired after confirmation. The repair cost and shipping cost will be charged with you by remittance, cash on delivery, etc. After the repair is completed and the payment is confirmed, Will arrange to send back the goods.

Can you tell me if the warranty is not applicable?

The Warranty Service does not apply to damage caused by dismantling, modifying or repairing the product. It does not apply to damage caused by improper cleaning of the product. Others, such as the buyer’s failure to pay due attention or improper use, can not be attributed to the damage caused by the company.

What should I do if I have a problem with the purchased product during the warranty period?

Send it yourself and send it back to Bad Panda Co., Ltd: No. 49, Fuxing St., Toufen City, Miaoli County 35155, Taiwan (with a note in the box, indicating contact information, such as: name, phone number, address, question; Products such as: shock absorbers or locomotive parts, etc.).

Repair products can be delivered through the store or dealer at the original place of purchase. (To avoid damages during the transportation process, the customer must be responsible for properly packaging the products for repair.) If you do not understand, please contact the original purchase office, or call 037-688033

Can the product be repaired after the warranty period?

can. However, you need to bear the cost of return shipping and defective parts. If you have any questions, please go to the customer service mailbox or call us 037-688033

What is the time required for product repair?

General merchandise repair time is about five to seven working days (excluding holidays), depending on the damage situation of individual products and the repair time determined by the maintenance manufacturer.

Are products purchased on the Internet covered by warranty?

During the warranty period, if you have problems with the purchase of the goods, you can go to the customer service mailbox to ask and respond, and provide a picture of the product problem; or send it in person, and send it back to Bad Panda Co., Ltd: No. 49, Fuxing St., Toufen City, Miaoli County 35155, Taiwan (Leave a note in the box, indicating the contact information, such as: name, phone number, address, problem; and the product in the outer box refill box, such as: shock absorber or locomotive parts, etc.).

How long is the warranty period for the product?

The shockproof SP/SE/SS series product warranty service is two years, and the suspension SC series product warranty service is one year.
The scope of warranty is limited to the manufacturing defects of the product itself under normal operation. For example, due to natural disasters, human factors, unauthorized disassembly and repair, or wear and tear after use, and consumables replacement, it is not covered by the warranty.

Where can I send the goods for repair?

Product problems can be [returned product warranty card and attached maintenance reasons] to Bad panda Co.Ltd
Also, please call the Customer Service Center for information. The following information is as follows:
Customer Service Hotline : 037-688033
Service Hours : Monday to Friday ❘ Weekend Holiday Break AM09:00-12:00 PM13:00-18:00
Repair and delivery address : No. 49, Fuxing St., Toufen City, Miaoli County 35155, Taiwan

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